It’s been my pleasure to work in tandem with Diane Holcomb in her role as writing PR and advertising for a major musical arts organization in the Bay Area. We’ve gotten more and better PR through our local newspapers than we had gotten in literally decades! What’s her secret? Her choice of words, her choice of content, and more, undoubtedly. Whatever that secret is, she would be of immense help to anyone who’s looking for a substantial jump in their PR program.

Carol Worthington-Levy, Owner and Creative Director at Worthington-Levy Creative

Diane Holcomb recently wrote a story for the Los Altos History Museum Newsletter. It was a delight to work with her. We met to review the material, she offered helpful suggestions and then she quickly wrote the story and just as quickly completed some minor edits. The entire process was smooth and she easily met our deadline. Most importantly, it was a great story!

Gary Hedden, Newsletter Editor, Los Altos History Museum

Diane has the ability, with limited instruction, to present our written words to the public in a way that is interesting, thorough and engaging. I recommend her highly and without qualification. Any organization in need of a writer will only benefit from her engagement.

George Alexsovich, Executive Director, Schola Cantorum

Diane takes copywriting to a high art form. She asks great questions, so you think about what you want to convey in your message. She can “tune” your message to be as serious or as light-hearted as you wish. Her background as a fiction writer gives her vivid prose and excellent descriptions – far from the ordinary “blah, blah, blah,” so people pay attention to your message. I wholeheartedly recommend Diane for any copywriting you need.

Sue Wilhite, Positively Success

Diane is a creative wordsmith, who can see the big picture as well as all the parts and how they need to fit together. Diane lyrically turns phrases, creating engaging stories. She is wonderfully calm and thoughtful with people, and is intuitively able to foresee needs/problems and address them.

Yvonne Devane, Teacher/LA Coordinator/Pentatlhon Coordinator at Fairmont Private Schools