Authentic, Engaging Copy for Solopreneurs, Small Businesses, and Nonprofits

Do you want your marketing materials to be persuasive but not pitchy?

Do you want your website and blog posts to sound conversational, informative, and trustworthy?

Do you want your ideal audience to read your words and think: this person understands me. 

Do you want your story to attract the attention of the media?

And do you want all of the above without having to write it yourself?

Hello! I’m Diane Holcomb.

As a freelance copywriter, my goal is to provide compelling and personable website content and marketing materials so people like you can attract more clients, customers, donors, or a bigger audience.

With my help, you’ll get:

  • Attention-grabbing copy that increases your visibility and engages your customers. With effective copy, you get more clicks on your site, more browsers turning into buyers, and more clients motivated to do business with you rather than your competitors.
  • Time to focus on what’s important. You have more productive things to do with your time and talents than churn out copy. Right?
  • A fresh perspective on your message. I’ll bring an outside viewpoint that you can’t get, being so close to your business. With the mindset of someone new to your work, I’ll ask the questions your audience would ask, so your copy addresses what’s important to them.
  • Results, at a savings! Hiring a freelancer with low overhead is more cost-effective than a big agency. And you won’t be adding another employee to your payroll!

To find out more, check out my story, see if we’re a good fit, or browse my samples.

“Diane has the ability, with limited instruction, to present our written words to the public in a way that is interesting, thorough and engaging. I recommend her highly and without qualification. Any organization in need of a writer will only benefit from her engagement.” – George Alexsovich, Executive Director, Schola Cantorum

For a free consultation, call 650-793-0322, or shoot me an email at