My Ideal Clients


Website content, blog posts, e-newsletters: you want to attract your customers and keep them coming back for more. But writing all that copy can suck up your valuable time. 

You want written content that’s relatable, interesting, conversational, and proves you’re an expert in what you do. 

Small business owners

Let’s face it: you can’t do it alone. Like all business owners, you rely on experts to do the things you don’t know how to do, aren’t good at doing, or don’t want to do. Like wordsmiths. 

You want written content that’s personable, trustworthy, and educates without coming across as sales-y.

Creative individuals

Your art is your devotional act. Writing copy? Not so much. You’d rather have your teeth pulled than promote your own work.

You want written content that tells a compelling story.


As a marketing director, executive director, or outreach coordinator, you’re juggling a lot of tasks. Wouldn’t it be nice to farm out those writing projects? 

You want more than web copy. You want newsletter content, fundraising letters, press releases. You want help! 

“Diane Holcomb recently wrote a story for the Los Altos History Museum Newsletter. It was a delight to work with her. We met to review the material, she offered helpful suggestions and then she quickly wrote the story and just as quickly completed some minor edits. The entire process was smooth and she easily met our deadline. Most importantly, it was a great story!” – Gary Hedden, Newsletter Editor, Los Altos History Museum

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